Why to apply with e-visa?

Applications are investigated by the intelligent system and authenticated and reported to member states.

80% correction in the registration process and prevention of mistakes in the decisionmaking and judgment process

Lack of prior reservation, the intervention of non-specialists, and prevention of fraud. High and fast processing speed and the founder of the points-based system.

Types Of Visa We Offer

Visitor Visa

Visitor visa is commonly issued for a citizen of a foreign country who intends to enter the target country temporarily for tourism (vacation, visit with friend/relatives, medical treatment, participation in social events, etc.), business (consultation with business associates, attendance in scientific, educational, or business conferences, and contract negotiation), or a combination of both.

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Work Visa

Work Visa is commonly issued for a citizen of a foreign country who intends to enter the target country temporarily for employment. It includes visa for those applicants in Specialty Occupation, Extraordinary Ability or Achievement, Agricultural work, Individual or Team Athlete, Entertainment Group (performance under a reciprocal exchange program), Artist or Entertainer, and Intracompany Transferee.

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Student Visa

Student Visa is issued for a citizen of a foreign country who intends to study at educational institutions in the target country for a certain period of time, which depends on the course of study and the type of school they plan to attend. A visa attached to applicant’s official passport allows foreign students to study at their favorite institutions. Any prospective student seeking higher education in another country must obtain a student visa from that country.

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Investor Visa

Investor Visa is specifically issued for those applicants who intend to invest in a start-up, buy a business or a franchise. It is available to immigrant investors who want to enter the target country to engage in new commercial enterprises which benefit the target country’s economy through job creation and capital investment. The investor Visa provides the holder the residence permit so that the recipient could travel as they wish.

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Self-supporting Visa

Self-employed Work Visa is issued for those visa applicants who are self-employed. It could include individuals such as artists, coaches, athletes who are awarded medals, and in particular, for retirees with a certain income. It could be possibly extended as long as visa applicants could cover their own living expenses as well as their dependances, if any.

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Humanitarian Visa

Humanitarian Visa is issued by some countries which intend to fulfill their international obligations to protect refugees from being prosecuted. Refugee is defined as a person either outside the target country or legal residence who cannot or do not wish to return to their country of legal residence due to a legitimate fear of persecution concerning race, religion, nationality, group membership, or political opinion that have been set by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

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Partnership Visa

Partnership Visa is issued for those visa applicants who could prove their formal relationship with their partners. Furthermore, the applicants are required to show and prove their partners are in a genuine and stable relationship. It can be a legal marriage, a civil union, or a de facto relationship.

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